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From Seed to Squeezed

the Tropicana Story

Come and discover it for yourself

Welcome to the Production line

Its 65 years since we started,
but some things havent changed.
We still make delicious Premium orange
juice the best way we know how. 100% not
from concentrate.

65 years of experience

65 years of experience

The seeds of Tropicana were sown in a
Florida fruit packing company in 1947.
Started by Anthony T. Rossi, Tropicana supplied
premium fruit to quality hotels across America.
65 years on, our juice graces
breakfast tables the world over.

Fresh from the Groves

Fresh from the groves

To make the best orange juice, you need the best oranges. Ours come from some of the most established groves in Brazil and Florida. Specially selected and committed to growing the best citrus fruit in the world.

Thanks to our founder

Thanks to our founder

Anthony T. Rossi moved to the United States of America from Italy in 1921 when he was just 21 years old. A committed entrepreneur, his drive, determination and focus on quality still inspires us today.

Sowing the Seeds

Great juice starts with great fruit.
And great fruit starts with great trees.
So that's where we start.

Getting started

Getting started

Every tree starts as a hand-selected seedling. Coaxed to life in a coconut-rich soil mix to remove the need for artificial nutrients and extra watering, the tender shoots are carefully nurtured until they are ready for transplanting to the grove.

Picking the growers

Picking the Growers

Our growers, like most of our fruit, are handpicked. Often the latest in a long line of fruit growers, you can taste their experience and expertise in every glass of delicious Tropicana. Come and meet Paul Fabry, one of the
growers who featured in our TV advert.

Now be patient

Now be patient

You cant rush the sharp, zesty sweetness of delicious orange juice. So each tree is left to mature for up to seven years before we start to harvest fruit from it. Why? Because more mature trees produce more succulent oranges.

A Glass of Sun Shine

One ingredient in our 100% not from concentrate orange juice is glorious, tropical sunshine. Lots of it.

1,000 hours of sunshine

1,000 hours of sunshine

To ensure they reach the perfect peak of ripeness our oranges are left on the trees to soak up 1,000 hours of sunshine and a little rain before being picked. Thats what gives delicious Tropicana orange juice its signature sweetness.

Harvest time

Harvest Time

Picking oranges for Tropicana takes skill. Luckily our growers are experts. They choose the exact moment to pick the fruit so its not too sweet, not too sharp. Just simply perfect.

Your favourite varieties

Your favourite varieties

From a choice of more than 60, we take only four varieties of orange for our premium, not from concentrate juice; Valencia, Hamlin, Pera and Rubi all selected for their exceptional qualities of sweetness and juiciness.

Squeezed not Squashed

We squeeze our oranges gently, so we
only take juice from the soft, ripe flesh.
Not the skin. Not the pith. It's what keeps Tropicana
naturally sweet.

Only the Best

only the Best

Even after its harvested, every fruit is individually re-graded. Our experienced growers are checking size, colour, skin and navel (the point where the orange meets the tree). Only the finest oranges find their way into our delicious orange juice.

Pressed to perfection

Pressed to perfection

Gently pressed within 24 hours of picking, only sweet, pure juice from the flesh is extracted. Thats what gives Tropicana its unique taste. Then we use our innovative flash pasteurisation to lock in that just-squeezed taste.

The Taste is the Test

The taste is the test

Sweet and zingy is how a perfect glass of
orange juice should taste.
But a vibrant colour and a fresh, citrusy bouquet are just as important in making each glass of Tropicana as mouthwatering as the last.

Great Juice that does Good

Good for You

For you

Made from 100% pure squeezed fruit, picked at the peak of ripeness. Just one (150ml) glass gives you the first of your five a day and has enough vitamin C to support a healthy immune system and help reduce feelings of tiredness. Read more about our health benefits here.

Good for the Environment

For the environment

More than most we understand the importance of looking after the natural world, so we use fully recyclable cartons and bottles, from renewable resources. Delivered flat-packed so we can load more onto fewer lorries and help reduce our carbon footprint.

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